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Scanning & Digital Archiving

Our scanning and digital archiving service allows you to back up all of your important documents and protect them from the dangers of flood, theft and fire. We can eliminate hard copy storage and retrieval problems by converting warehouses full of valuable information into a complete digital library on CD, DVD or flash drives.

Our fully indexed system lets you quickly search by drawing number or pertinent information. No need to waste time searching through huge flat files. Scanning and digital archiving lets you find the right information in a matter of seconds. And with all of your information converted into electronic files, requesting hard copy prints becomes faster and easier than ever before.

Types of files we have scanned for our customer include archived drawings, aperture cards, accounting records, permits, ECN’s and BOM’s, archived job files and so much more.

Aperture Scanning

Quality Experience and Production

Our Aperture Card scanning and conversion processes are unparalleled in the industry.

We began converting Aperture Cards in the late 1990’s and have since delivered more than 40 million images to clients in the commercial and public sector.

Our standard Aperture Card conversion services include:

  • Scanning at 200 dpi
  • Multi-level quality control processes
  • Images cropped to eliminate overscan
  • Image de-skew, rotation and mirroring
  • 100% image QA
  • Auto indexing from Hollerith (punched) data
  • Data delivered to your formal specification, TIFF, PDF, JEDMICS and others
  • Delivery media of choice, CD/DVD and others
  • Production Reports

Let us know if you’d like to have a sample batch done at no charge so we can show you our quality.  Call 1-800-821-37000 today to get your project started!

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