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Afina 3d Printers

ABS & PLA filament

Whether you are an Engineer, an Educator, or a Hobbyist, Afinia helps you bring ideas into the 3D world. Whether it’s designing your own creations from scratch or building something unique, the Afinia H-series 3D printer offers something for you. People choose the Afinia 3D Printer because it’s ready-to-go, right out-of-the-box. In fact, Make Magazine named our printer “Best Overall Experience,” “Easiest To Set Up,” and “Easiest To Use” in their most recent 3D Printer Shootout. CNET also gave our H-Series a very strong review In less than a year, Afinia has become one of the leading printers in the industry. Our “Afiniacs” tell us that these are the reasons: Compared to the other top industry leaders Afinia offers

  • Print right out-of-the-box. Easy-to-use instructions. Everything needed is “in the box.”
  • Expert, comprehensive, friendly customer service, ready to answer all your 3D printing questions.
  • 1-year warranty. Shows our confidence in our product.
  • Low cost of ownership, maintenance, and support materials.
  • Afinia is part of Microboards, Inc. a company with 20 years of high-tech product, support, and supply chain experience.

3D Printing Supplies & Accessories

Reorder your supplies right through AA Blueprint

• Spools of filament
• Calipers
• Tools
• Kapton Tape

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