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imagePROGRAF iPF680

Technical Documents and General Use Printer

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF680 24-inch large format printer builds on Canon’s award winning line of 5-color printers, and provides enhancements in both hardware, and software capabilities. The iPF680 device is capable of producing an Arch D (24” x 36”) print in up to 25 seconds using Economy mode! The printer has the capability of accommodating 300ml ink tanks, geared towards lowering the cost per print. The included Sub-ink tank system allows for users to use all of the ink in the tank before replacing, while also replacing the empty ink tanks on-the-fly without having to stop a job mid-print and sacrifice print quality.

    • Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink Set
    • High-Speed Printing
    • Large Capacity Ink Tanks
    • Sub-Ink Tank System
    • Economy Print Mode
    • Flat Stacker/Basket
    • Precision Printing: High-Density PF-04 Print Head
    • Direct Print & Share
    • imagePROGRAF Print Utility
    • Canon Printer Driver
    • Status Monitor
    • Accounting Manager
    • PosterArtist Lite
    • PosterArtist
    • Print Plug-In for Microsoft® Office®
    • Optimized Module for AutoCAD


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